Repair Your Scuba Gear Here

Divers Two is a fully certified service center: our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced service staff will assist you in all of your gear needs, including: Aqua Lung, APEKS, Shearwater, Sherwood (some models), OTS, & FFM, APEKS 1st Stages - Rebreather,

  • Regulator - annual servicing, parts repair, battery replacement.
  • Cylinder - annual visual inspection (VIP), 5-year hydrostatic test, rolling, nitrox and oxygen service cleaning, hardware modification, valves & manifolds.
  • BCDs - annual service, cleaning, bladder repair, power airway service.
  • Wetsuits - neoprene repair, pressure testing, wrist and neck seal adjustment, zipper repairs, puncture repair.
  • Drysuits - pressure testing, valve repairs, wrist and neck seal adjustments, puncture repair, zipper repair, R/R seals.
  • Rebreathers - we service Inspiration rebreathers.
  • Computers - battery changes and more.
  • Other Equipment - FFM, O2 Analyzers, and SO MUCH MORE! If your dive gear needs servicing, our staff will be ready to help.

  • Bring your gear down to the shop for a service; your satisfaction and safety are guaranteed when your equipment is in the hands of our certified technicians. If your equipment is currently in for service, call the shop at (732) 776-7755 to check on its status.

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