Advanced Scuba Diving Courses in New Jersey

In addition to basic Open Water certification, Divers Two offers the full range of PADI advanced-level qualifications, including:
  • Advanced Open Water Diver -- This course allows you to gain confidence in your diving while exploring different underwater environments, all under the supervision our qualified staff. All that is required for the advanced certification is 5 dives!
  • Rescue Diver -- An AOW diver will perfect the tired-diver tow, fireman's lift, stress recognition, rescue breathing, and other emergency dive procedures in this exciting and enlightening course. CPR and first-aid training (also available from D2) and 25 logged dives are prerequisites of this program.
  • Master Scuba Diver -- As an advanced diver with rescue certification, five specialities, and at least 50 dives' experience, you will be ready to reach the highest level of recreational SCUBA diving with this course.
Speciality courses start with the dives completed in the Advanced Open Water course and include special training in each area of interest, including:
  • Night Diver
  • Wreck Diver
  • Deep Diver
  • Search and Recovery
  • Boat Diver
  • Underwater Photography/Videography
  • Underwater Naturalist
  • Drift Diver
  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Dry Suit (classes are on demand, contact Steve for information)
Divers Two

Learn how to prevent and handle diving emergencies that may occur at a dive site or during a dive.
This is a pivotal course for anyone who wants to continue their diver training and become a PADI Professional such as a Dive Master or an Instructor, or obtain the Master SCUBA Diver rating.
Be a more prepared, safer diver able to better foresee and handle diver emergencies.
Pool/Dives: $299
Student Kit: $55
E-learning: $169

Pool date - Sept. 22 at 8:30am at The Atlantic Club

Open water date - TBD

CPR - Adult/Child/Infant ($50)
First Aid ($50)
Divers Two will be holding a CPR on April 2 and First Aid course on April 9. Both courses will start at 6:30PM.

The courses are $50 per student each, but if you sign up for both at the same time the cost is $90.

These courses are open to divers and non-divers alike. They are a "must course" for the diving professional and great for all sport divers.

Call Divers Two at 732-776-7755 to register

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty
Offered in June and September. A great way to dust off the rust or pave the way for a great season in June or improve your skills after a great season of diving in September. We trim out
your gear, revisit weighting, master our buoyancy skills and improve general dive technique!

Class: Wed. 6/12
Dives: Dutch Springs Sat. 6/14
Class: Wed. 9/11
Dives: Dutch Springs Sat. 9/14
The cost per student is $250 plus student kit and park fees.
Instructor: Craig Beattie, MSDT

New for 2019 - A New PADI Specialty Offered Only At Divers Two!
Jersey Shore Diver - "Grab A Friend And Go!"
A new PADI course written by D2 instructor Craig Beattie and offered only at D2, this class introduces the diver to beach and inlet diving here on the Jersey Shore. Discover the wonderful
local beach wrecks and dive some of our inlets as well! Learn the techniques of entry/exit, assessing conditions, navigating to find those beach wrecks and more!
Shore diving is cost effective and flexible! Simply "grab a friend and go!"
Class: Tues 7/9
Dive #1: Sunday 7/14 morning
Dive #2: TBD

The cost per student is $250 plus student kit.
Instructor: Craig Beattie, MSDT

Night Diver Specialty
Get some exposure to the "night shift!" Dive environments change dramatically at night and once again, our final dive will be a "reverse night dive," where we enter the water pre-dawn and
experience sunrise underwater. Craig calls it the "Vampire Dive"--- we have to be underwater before the sun comes up! ... Don't miss it!

Class: Thurs. 7/25
Dives: Wed. 7/31, Thurs. 8/1, Sunday 8/11 (morning)
The cost per student is $250 plus student kit.
Instructor: Craig Beattie, MSDT

Wreck Diver Specialty
A challenging specialty which hones your wreck skills here in our NJ waters! Wreck navigation... decision making...confidence--- it's all there!
Class: Thurs 8/8
Dives: 2 boat trips TBD

The cost per student is $350 plus student kit and boat fees.
Instructor: Craig Beattie, MSDT

Historic New Jersey Wreck Diver Specialty
A PADI course written byD2 instructor Craig Beattie and offered only at D2, this class is a unique hybrid---- part history class, part field trip to the New Jersey Historical Divers Assoc. museum,
part wreck diver class. We examine the rich NJ maritime history, specific notable wrecks-the events of their sinking and the people who sailed them. Then, we go dive where it all

Class/Field Trip: Thurs 8/15
Dives: 1 boat trip TBD

The cost per student is $275 plus student kit. Boat fees are additional (boat cost is dependent on destinations).
Instructor: Craig Beattie, MSDT

Boat Diver Specialty
Similar to the Wreck Diver course, though geared more towards learning the basics of boat diving here in the New Jersey waters. Think of it as “Wreck Diver Lite.”

Class Thursday 7/18
Dives: one boat trip, TBD

For registration information, see our registration schedule.

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