Pinta & John K. Shaw

Venture 3
July 7, 2018 @ 8:00 am – 2:45 pm
732 776 7755
Pinta & John K. Shaw @ VENTURE 3

Saturday, July 7 aboard the VENTURE III

Departing at 8am. Diver cost: $110
Pinta & John K. Shaw
This 200-foot long coastal freighter sank after being rammed and holed by the CITY OF PERTH in 1963 about seven miles off Asbury Park. It is one of New Jersey’s most popular dive sites. While some of us have dived her shortly after she sank seeing her virtually intact, she now lies partly scattered across the bottom making for an excellent multi-level diving experience in less than 90 feet of water.
The JOHN K. SHAW was a wooden schooner involved in what amounts to a hit-and-run at sea. She “made contact” with the iron steamer NEWPORT on a stormy night in 1884. All hands were lost aboard the Shaw. The Shaw is actually two sites, so divers will have a choice of making their second dive on one half or the other.

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